Enstilar at a glance

Introducing Enstilar

A once-daily, 4 week topical combination treatment in a foam spray formulation for the treatment of adult plaque psoriasis.1

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Enstilar® is effective
at achieving plaque
clearance at week 4.2

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Application once daily.1


Enstilar® is more effective
than its individual active components
in achieving plaque clearance2

Enstilar® (calcipotriol / betamethasone dipropionate) vs monotherapy data graph

Enstilar® treatment over 4 weeks

Skin with plaque psoriasis
Results after applying Enstilar® foam spray on the skin
Results at 4 weeks of applying Enstilar® foam spray on the skin

For illustrative purposes only. Images are of a representative individual psoriasis patient from the PSO-FAST study (DoF: LEO90100 003). Images are of a patient’s hip. Individual results may vary.3

How to use Enstilar®

Icon of spray with arrows illustrating shaking
Shake for a few seconds
before use1
Foam spray icon illustration spraying 3cm
Spray on to the skin from
at least 3cm distance1
two fingers icon illustration showing rubbing or spreading
Apply to the affected areas
and rub gently into the skin1

A guide to prescribing Enstilar®

Icon showing two cans
Enstilar® dosage guide for 4 weeks

As an example, for moderate plaque psoriasis affecting a body surface area of 5-8%, prescribe
2 x 60g cans and refer to the prescribing information for dosing specifics.1

When using Enstilar® the total dose of calcipotriol containing products should not exceed 15g per day and the total body surface area treated should not exceed 30%.1

Practical experiences of Enstilar®