Mode of action

The IL-17 pathway

Skin keratinocytes produce IL-17C which stimulates Th17 cells to produce IL-17A and IL-17F, which further stimulate keratinocytes to produce more IL-17C – creating a positive feedback loop.3

Kyntheum® is the first therapy for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis that selectively targets the IL-17RA subunit, thereby blocking the inflammatory signalling of IL-17A, IL-17F, IL-17A/F,
IL-17E and IL-17C.1,2

By blocking multiple IL-17 ligands, Kyntheum® achieves rapid normalisation of inflammatory markers in keratinocytes, which in turn slows down hyperproliferation of the skin and helps restore normal skin function.1-10

How Kyntheum® Works

Whats unique about Kyntheum®?

What makes the mode of action of Kyntheum® different?

Mode of action of Kyntheum®

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IL=Interleukin; Th=helper cell

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